Guards Released After Prisoner Dies from Hot Shower ft. Steve Greene, Nikki Limo & Gina Darling

2017-03-31 06:30:00

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First Date Sends Man to Jail and Woman to Hospital!ft. Gina Darling & DavidSoComedy

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Store Owner Beats A Customer Over Fake Eyelashes ft. Gina Darling

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Company Halts Interview After Being Asked About Pay ft. Gina Darling

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Couple In Trouble After Staging Fake Murder! ft. Gina Darling

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Kid Stung By 400 Bees Used Dragon Ball Z Powers to Survive ft. Jinnyboy, Reuben Kang & DavidSoComedy

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Legend of the Mountain Man Detailed in New Book ft. DavidSoComedy

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Turkish Airlines Helps Somalia Thru Social Media Campaign ft. DavidSoComedy

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WEEKEND SCRAMBLE - Athlete Thanks His Wife AND Girlfriend!? ft. DavidSoComedy

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Man Live Tweets As He Finds Out His Roommate is a Murderer! ft. DavidSoComedy

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