Nikon D7500 vs Nikon D5600/D5500! Which DSLR Should You Buy? 97,658

✅✅ Best DSLR’s Under $1250: ✅✅ Nikon D7500 on Amazon: ✅✅ Nikon D5600 on Amazon: ✅✅ Nikon D7500 with 18-140mm Lens: vs D5600 & D5500Hey whats up everyone, my names Chris Winter and in this video, I’m going to do a quick comparison between the brand new Nikon D7500 and the Nikon D5600 so you hopefully I can help you choose which one will be right for you.But anyway let’s take a look at these two Nikon DSLR’s.4K Video So the first major upgrade to the Nikon D7500 is it’s inclusion of 4k video. Now this is really nice to see in the Nikon D7500, as it puts it ahead of soem other camera manufacturers such as from Canon.Now I used the Nikon D500 a lot and really liked the 4k video, it was sharp and detailed so I expect the D7500’s 5k image to be good as well.Now I’ve also used the D5600 a lot and was actually pretty impressed with it’s video. Sure it only shoots at 1080p, but for a lot of people, that’s more than enough these days.It’s also got 1080p 60 frames per second which is good for slow motion.So if you know that video is important to you, the D7500 will definitely be better for you.Image Stabilization Another interesting inclusion on the Nikon D7500 is it’s 3 axis image stabilization.I’ve recently been testing the Canon 77D out and it’s got a similar feature.Now compared to cameras like the Sony A7S mark 2 or hte Panasonic GH5, the D7500 has a digital image stabilization compared to a physical one, whichLCD Screens Now when I was using the Nikon D7200, one of my pet peeves was that it didn’t have a flip screen.So I was happy to see when the D7500 included one.But to be fair, i’m still not super happy.That’s because the D7500 has a flip up screen similar to that on the D500.Now that means the screen can simply flip up vertically which is pretty limiting.Compare that to the Nikon D5600’s screen whcih is fully articulating. This screen can flip out to the side, go up, down and even flip all the way around to the front. It’s fantastic.Now some people might say this is more fragile, but ive been using similar screens on my canon 70d for many years and ive never had a problem. So the winner here is the D5600.Megapixels Now I quickly wanted to ttalk about the Megapixels on both of these cameras.From first glance, you might think that the Nikon D7500 took a step back by moving down to 21 mp compared to 24.3, but in fact this might not be the case.Having less mp generally means you’ll have larger pixel which can help in low light.On the other hand, if you do know that you like to crop a lot, having that extra 3 megapixels on teh D5600 might be better for you.SD Cards Now one of the downgrades on the D7500 is it’s single SD card slot. I like many others are dissapointed that it’s gone and i wish it was still in the camera.But for this comparison theres really no comparison as both cameras have the single sd card slot.Shutter Speed In terms of shutter speed, the D5600 tops out at 1/4000th a second, compared to 1/8000th of a second on the D7500.Having that extra speed can definitely help capturing images if you know you’ll need it, so it’s defintiely something to consider.Weight Now if you like to travel alot, the Nikon D5600 will possibly be the better bet for you.That’s because it comes in at nearly 200 grames lighter, which for a DSLR is actually quite a big difference.The D7500 weighs 640grams for the body, compared to just 465 grames on teh D5600.But of course, some people do like a heavier body especially when using large telephoto lenses, so the choice will be up to you.Image Processor One area where the Nikon D7500 does out perform the D5600 though is with it’s new Expeed 5 image processor.This is the same that I used in teh D500 and it was great. The D500 was an incredibly snappy camera and it’s nice to see that moved over to the D7500.Autofocus And speaking about that, if you need quick and reliable autofous, the D7500 will again be the better bet.The D5600 performed great in autofocus for a sub $700 camera, but it only has 39 autoofcus points.Compare that to the D7500’s 51, and I think the D7500 will win this round.Burst Rate The D7500 can shoot at an impressive 8 frames per second, compared to just 5 frames per second on the D5600.For sports and wildlife shooters, thats a pretty big deal. So if that’s your main type of photography, the D7500 will defintiely be for you.-So over the D7500 is a better camera than the D5600 as it should be. It’s considereably more expensive. If you’re a beginner, I’d highly recommend teh D5600, it’s a great camera but if you do want more of a semipro camera, go for the D7500.Giveaway Entry Details, Official Rules & Privacy Notice: