Panasonic GH5 (Thoughts from a Sony Mirrorless Shooter) 58,623

The Panasonic GH5 packs in some amazing features, so I give you my opinion as a Sony Shooter. Some changes in the new Panasonic GH5 is the 4k60p as well as 4k30p at 422 10Bit. The camera is also featuring 180fps in full HD. There is also know IBIS (5 axis in body image stabilization)in the Panasonic GH5. I give you my thoughts as a sony mirrorless shooter. I also reflect on the Panasonic gh4, the predecessor to the gh5. This announcement was made during ces2017.PRE-ORDER 📸Panasonic GH5: MY WORK! Consider using my affiliate links if you found the content useful. 📷 Sony a6500:’S CONNECT! (Ask me questions) Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: http://www.that1cameraguy.comBusiness Inquiry