Sanyukt - संयुक्त - Episode 164 - April 21, 2017 - Preview 44,599

Watch full episodes of ‘Sanyukt’ at Enjoy the world of entertainment with your favourite TV Shows, Movies, Music and more at or download the OZEE app now.Watch Sanyukt and other Zee TV shows LIVE at enjoy Live TV On the Go and catch Shows, Movies, News and more with #BeesKaTV at or download the dittoTV app now. Subscribe to the dittoTV channel Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: TV is launching a new fiction show called “Sanyukt”. It is the story of a father trying to get his entire family under one roof and stay as a joint family. A warm, genuine attempt of a man trying to get his family together forms the crux of this show.Based in Mumbai, the story is set in an upper class Gujarati family with everyday believable situations that occur in a family. Like every family, the members have their internal grudges but the father realizes it only while making an attempt to unite everyone. It’s a story of how physical spaces have eventually led to emotional spaces and this is the trigger that makes the father get his entire family together. It does not have any grey characters and every character is right in their actions when seen from their perspective. The base of the show is drama with slight light-hearted moments that every family member enjoys with their loved ones. The thought on this show promotion is not taking sides by suggesting that either joint family or nuclear family is better.Ghar ki khushiyan kaha se aati hai - hamare apno se ya hamare sapno se?