Logic Pro X 202: The Step FX - 3. Step Modulator: Gate and Pan Targets 210

Additional videos for this title: http://j.mp/2qitHQX Logic Pro X 202: The Step FXby Joshua Carney Video 3 of 17 for Logic Pro X 202: The Step FXLogic Pro X 10.4 brought lots of new enhancements and features, and one of the highlights is certainly the Step FX plugin. In this course, engineer, producer and composer Joshua Carney reveals everything about this awesome new multi-FX plugin.Joshua starts by demonstrating the engine that powers Step FX: the Step Modulator. You learn how, with its 3 different lanes, the Step Modulator can be used to create everything from subtle sonic movement to crazy gating FX. You learn the filter, distortion, reverb, delay and Mod FX modules in detail, and you see and hear them all in action with lots of musical examples. You also discover everything about the XY Pad, you learn to modulate drum loops, create glitchy vocal transition effects, and moreSo sit back, launch Logic and learn to take your music one step forward using Step FX with the great Joshua Carney! More info on this title: http://j.mp/2qitHQX