Pro Wakeboarding Lessons: AIR TRICKS. Bel Air. Roll to Revert. How to Tips & Tricks Instruction 10,693

Learn the Air Roll to Revert, Bel Air and more AIR TRICKS from legendary coach Chet Raley. Demos for regular and goofy foot. Featuring team Hyperlite 1996: Darin Shapiro, Shaun Murray, Dean Lavelle, Jeff Heer, and more.Narrated by professional coach Chet Raley. Directed by Tony Klarich.Part of an instructional series from "Hyperlite Boarding School #2" (1996).HOW TO WAKEBOARD Playlist: WATER SKIING Playlist: Picnic Table, Hydrofoil Bike & more! & BURN! Playlist: Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Hydrofoiling, and more! & WILD Playlist (My best skiing spanning 30 years) for more info about the book "Adventures in Water Skiing", a personal history of the rise and development of hot dogging, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, hydrofoiling, and more. Pictures, links, sample stories, and more."Adventures in Water Skiing" is on Facebook_ The wild, wacky, and classic days of water skiing in all its forms.