19 Awesome Tips for Fallout 4 (that I wish I knew before I started!) 5,183,337

Synopsis:- Unlimited Adhesives- How to equip companions...including Dogmeat!- Super pro-tip with "Lone Wanderer" perk- Useful hotkeys, like putting your gun away and turning on your Pip-Boy's flashlight!- How to "wait" and let several hours pass quickly- How to change your UI colour- How to save weapon mods- Fusion Core Pro-Tips!- Gun Management -- Renaming for fun and profit- Junk item management tips- Settlement building tips- How to assign settlers to work jobs & create supply routes!- Then I sort of rant about weapon modding, VATS, and AP costs for a while.Want to see more? Make sure to Subscribe and Like! Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/quill18 Twitter ►http://www.twitter.com/quill18 Streaming every Saturday! ►http://www.twitch.tv/quill18 Buy Quill18 Stuff! ► http://quill18.spreadshirt.com/shop/designs Learn game programming! ►http://youtube.com/quill18createsDISCLAIMER:You should assume that all games played on this channel are free preview/review copies.New to the channel?I do Let's Play videos -- these are like walkthrough guides of gameplay with continuous English commentary trying to explain my decisions and what strategy I use. If you're looking for hacks or cheats, you're in the wrong place!