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Galaxy S8 Official Oreo UpdateSStech Thank You For WatchingJoin us OnFacebook Group~ - - FeaturesNew Edge Lighting Effects Edge lighting is a pretty simple thing, but it looks awesome in practice. With Oreo, new edge lighting options come to the S8 and S8+, including a sweet multi-color effect. You also have the option to tweak the width and transparency of your edge lighting effect to see how dramatic and obvious the notifications are.App Shortcuts Android Oreo brings support for long-press shortcuts for apps on the home screen. This feature allows up to 5 contextual shortcuts within each app, accessible by long-pressing on the app icon. Apps will need to be updated to add support for this new feature, but many already have.For YouTube, users can jump straight to their Subscriptions page or check out what's trending. In popular social media apps, such as Twitter clients, you can launch directly into composing a new tweet, direct message, or search.Hide Albums in Gallery If you have certain photo albums you want to hide from prying eyes, you can now do so on the Galaxy S8. The stock Gallery app now features the option to hide as many albums as you like. It is worth noting that this is not a particularly secure method of hiding albums — for this, you still want to use something like Samsung's Secure Folder, which is password protected.Custom Color-Picker for Folders Within folder options on the home screen, you can now use a color-picker to access a custom color for your folder. The color-picker displays the current color and the new color you've chosen to make sure that you would like to proceed with the changes.This feature is dependent on the theme you are currently running, and some themes do not allow all colors to be selected. For instance, when running a black theme, you may only be able to choose shades of grey or white for folder colors. While this is a simple aesthetic change, the ability to distinguish folders by color is welcome.Revamped 'About Phone' Menu & Settings Search Samsung has revamped the About Phone menu within the phone's main Settings list. When opening the menu, you now see your phone number, model number, serial number, and IMEI in a more accessible fashion.Another small change within Settings is the search history with timestamps. When searching, you will now see a list of your previous keywords arranged by time. This can be helpful if you once found a setting that you need to access again, but forgot where exactly it was located.Dual Messenger Comes Standard Lock Screen Accent Colors Starting now, the wallpaper you set will have an impact on other areas of your phone's interface. Namely, Samsung has added an almost-imperceptible accent color to the lock screen clock and other information. When your wallpaper has a certain hue to it, that hue will be applied to the lock screen text.Android 8.0 Oreo was released back in August, but most manufacturers are still working on porting it to their phones and tablets. Unfinished ROMs are available for a handful of phones, like the Essential Phone and OnePlus 5. The next device to see Oreo is the Galaxy Note8, as an unfinished test ROM has leaked online.New Always On Display Options There's now a handful of new layouts for Samsung's Always On Display feature in Android Oreo.Facebook : Twitter : Subscribe : Our website : Instagram : Google +: s8 oreo update review galaxy s8 oreo update release galaxy s8 oreo update date galaxy s8 oreo update beta galaxy s8 oreo update features galaxy s8 oreo update exynos s8 plus oreo update s8 plus oreo download download oreo 8.0 for s8 s8 oreo update s8 oreo update how to get s8 oreo update download download oreo for samsung s8 plus android oreo for s8 galaxy s8 plus oreo review galaxy s8 german version