Best Pictures of 2012 - Jarvies Travel Photography 10,472

The TOP 100 travel pictures by Scott Jarvie. Including trips to Bolivia, Europe, Japan and most of Western United States.See them all on FB here: by: "Mayday Red - "Stratosphere" Buy this song (or others) - 50k TO 500 TO 100 Selected out of 50k pictures, this is a recap of those pictures with the help of hundreds of people giving their input.100 TO 10 Help me continue this fun project and vote for your favorites on facebook or googleplusThe first cut will be 50 Images so choose no more than 50 and if you really like the picture post a comment.*A FUN EXERCISE* I take into account a lot of data, commentary and of course my own years of experience when narrowing down these pictures but I still learn so so much when doing these fun exercises. (How people view art... a very important thing in my field as a photographer)ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: I'm a full time photographer specializing in travel and weddings but I photograph TONS of random things and share my experiences here on youtube for your enjoyment. "Life of a Photographer"ABOUT THE VIDEO: Pictures edited in Lightroom and Nik software Video created in Premier Pro in order to sync to music. I have several other similar videos like this check out the channel.***JARVIE LINKS*** - BLOG = - FACEBOOK = - OFFICIAL SITE = - INSTAGRAM = - GOOGLEPLUS = =