Ableton Live 10 102: MIDI Essentials - 6. Basic Quantization 173

Additional videos for this title: Ableton Live 10 102: MIDI Essentials by Noah Pred Video 6 of 22 for Ableton Live 10 102: MIDI EssentialsBest known for its audio warping abilities, Ableton Live is no slouch when it comes to MIDI. And with the new MIDI features introduced in Live 10, its now more powerful than ever. This course, by certified trainer Noah Pred, shows you how MIDI is recorded, edited and manipulated in Ableton Live 10.The course by defining exactly what is MIDI, and explaining how to configure it in Live. Step by step, Noah shows you different ways to record and edit MIDI data You learn about quantizing, editing velocity, how to humanize your patterns with the Groove function, how to work with external MIDI hardware, MIDI effects and a lot more!So dive in this MIDI-driven course, and get creative with Ableton Live and its powerful MIDI features!More info on this title: