2018 Michigan Football Schedule and Early Rankings, Latest Wolverine Rumors, & More! 2,595

This episode originally aired at 4pm EST on 1-5-18 on the Michigan Football by Chat Sports Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/harbaughgoblue/ — click the link to watch more future content LIVE!The offseason is in full swing for the Michigan Wolverines and over here at the Michigan Football Report we’ve got all the latest info about what’s been going on in Ann Arbor! Join Lena Bond and THE Michigan Football Insider, James Yoder (https://www.twitter.com/JamesTYoder) , as they take you through all of the latest news and rumors surrounding this wolverines program, recap the 2018 football schedule, and take a look at some way-too-early rankings for next season!The rumor mill is churning away in Ann Arbor and your hosts are breaking down all of the latest info with our Harbaugh head Rumor-O-Meter! Has Devin Bush Sr. been promoted from defensive specialist to special teams coach? Are the Wolverines asking for players and coaches to grad-transfer in? And has Jim Harbaugh been staying up all night due to being torn up about the 5-loss season? We help you figure out what’s F-A-C-K and what’s fiction on this Michigan Football Report!Plus, James and Lena take a look through the Wolverines 2018 schedule and way-too-early rankings! How high have the Wolverines landed on 2018 projected rankings? What games should Jim Harbaugh be extra prepared for by next season? And just how many of these games should be winnable for next year’s squad? We’ve got all that info and more on this Michigan Football Report!This segment is presented by Man Crates -- awesome gifts that guys love! Go to www.mancrates.com/chatsports for great deals on great gifts!This video is a new segment on Michigan Football Report - the #1 Michigan Football Podcast for iPhone (available in video format!) every Friday. All these videos also can be found on YouTube from Chat Sports. Watch anytime on iPhone for free --https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/michigan-football-report-video-by-chat-sports/id1293455940Stick with us in the Chat Sports app (https://www.chatsports.com/app) or follow Michigan Wolverines by Chat Sports on Facebook to be the 1st to know every breaking story and all the rumors on Michigan Football: https://www.facebook.com/harbaughgoblue