CoH 2 Gameplay: We Have New G43 Rifles! | 2v2 OH 3,952

Hey bros. This may be one of my last videos that I'll be uploading in this channel (I have about 40 more videos un-uploaded). Things have been popping up in my life that I will have to take care of, and unfortunately I believe it is time to move on to other things. It's been so amazing playing CoH 2 and providing videos for you guys. Really. You may not realize but I read every one of your comments even if I don't reply to them, they mean a lot to me. And I shall not forget how truly of a friggin amazing masterpiece of a game CoH 2 is. I cannot explain in words how much I love this game; it's of course, why I dedicated to much time to this game. It is really hands down my greatest multiplayer experience in my whole life. I love CoH 2 a lot which pushed me to make this channel in the first place.Your comments and support have truly made me happy and have brought me so many memories of joy and I thank you all for that, tremendously.This is an informal farewell message to my fans. I'll be making official farewells shortly. If you guys are curious, I'm dedicating all my free time in making a WW2 RTS game myself just like CoH 2 but even better. I'll keep you guys updated!P.S. Thanks everyone for wishing me luck, and thanks for supporting me! I have decided that although I won't be playing CoH 2 anymore or uploading videos of CoH 2, I will eventually upload videos of development and release of my new RTS game called Krieg.If you guys want to see the progress of my game, you can always subscribe to the /r/Krieg subreddit where I'll be posting pictures and all kinds of ideas and stuff about Krieg at