The Witchs House 20,687

Step into her house... If you dare! ~~~CAST Ellen: Michelle K (Aalaixa) Viola: Melissa K (Mizyki)MUSIC"Please return" by FreeFilmMusic"The mysteries that are unsolved" by Teknoaxe"Come out and play" by DesperateMeasurez (Darren Curtis)"Ring around the Rosie" by FreeFilmMusicTHANKS TO Thank you to the National Museum (DK) for letting us film there! (And to Amanda for filming the parts we couldn't do on our own!)LIKE//COMMENT//SUBSCRIBE Thanks for watching --------------------- ---------------------------------- As for many others this time around, the video had trouble with the fade in/out sequences. This lead to me having to render it in another format, which for some reason made the video darker and other things like that. I may try to find a solution at some point.