Project NEXT | Episode 1: Trobi 191,770

Spinnin' NEXT is a new platform for groundbreaking DJ talent who are about to breakthrough as the next generation of dance artists.You now have the chance to finish Trobi’s track and win a release on one of the Spinnin’ Records labels!!YTWith Spinnin' NEXT, the label wants to shine a light on these prodigies and provide them with the right additional tools to accelerate their careers internationally. This includes intensive A&R guidance, international writing camps, live events, livestreams and Spinnin’ NEXT events around the world.The rotating pool of artists currently consists of Carta (CN), Curbi (UK), Dante Klein (NL), Dastic (NL), Mesto (NL), Mike Williams (NL), Sophie Francis (NL), Throttle (AU) and Trobi (NL). The composition of the group will change over time depending on age, career levels and newly discovered artists.Spinnin’ Records invited 5 Spinnin’ NEXT artist to Ibiza for ‘Project NEXT'. They were put in a villa for 1 week, to learn from what the island has to offer, to learn form each other, and most importantly; to make new music! Find out more about these talented guys and what they’ve been up to in this 6 episodes series: Project NEXT.Spinnin’ NEXT is hosting it’s first ever event during Amsterdam Dance Event in AIR Amsterdam on the 17th of October! Get your tickets here: Spinnin’ NEXT on Instagram: more about Spinnin’ NEXT here: up to date with all the latest releases from our Spinnin’ NEXT artist in this Spotify playlist: