【BIG EATER】9 Servings! Kajiken-Aburasoba! and 2.6lbs steamed rice!【MUKBANG】【RussianSato】 397,876

I cookedKajiken-Aburasoba and eat !Web Shop:: http://kajiken.ocnk.net/please, watch this video :)2017/06/04 add referencedSoft Boiled Egg recipe:https://cookpad.com/recipe/1491806***************** I'm Japanese Competitive Eater! I LOVE eat and made Extra Large Size foods !i have wore fluffy hat called "russian hat" in eating competition in Japan since 2008 , so presenter called called me "Russian sato" .My hobbies are "walk and eat", singing, painting and more.I'm the COO of Edgeneer LLC.Request ofjob is to here!! contact@russian-sato.com<RussianSato SNS> 【blog】 http://ameblo.jp/toys-junkie0918 【instagram】 https://instagram.com/i_am_hito.chin/ @i_am_hito.chin 【twitter】https://twitter.com/RussianSato @RussianSato 【WEAR】 http://wear.jp/hito09181985/【MAIL】8F, BRANSICA Kitaueno Bldg.2-8-7Kitaueno Taito-ku Tokyo-to110-0014 JAPANEdgeneer LLC. Hitomi SatoWeb http://edgeneer.com<BGM・Sound effect> panicpunpkin 様 http://pansound.com/panicpumpkin/ 効果音ラボ 様 http://soundeffect-lab.info/ スキップモア 様 http://www.skipmore.com/sound/ 零式マテリアル 様 http://www.zero-matter.com/ DOVA-SYNDROME 様 http://dova-s.jp/ ※Depending on the video, there are times when I'm not using all copyright source.