DIY 換電瓶【 汽車電瓶.不斷電安裝 】換電池教學示範<AGM 電池>How to change Car battery 汽車維修 BMW 如何不斷電更換電瓶,白同學DIY教室 74,725

現在的汽車裝備上有非常多的電子裝置,所以更換電瓶的時候大都需要用不斷電方式來安裝新電瓶,這樣車內的一些重要設定才不會跑掉,造成要重新啓動時出現一些突發狀況,比如說CHECK故障燈亮啓...等等其它問題出現,今天白同學就來為大家示範一次不斷電安裝的方式,影片中以BMW E39車款作示範 一起上課去囉!走... Now there are a lot of cars equipped with electronic devices, so most of the time to replace the battery with a non-stop way to install a new battery, so that some of the car's important settings will not run away, resulting in some reboot when there are some sudden Hair condition, for example CHECK fault light on Kai. . . And so on and so forth, white fellow students come here today to show you a way to uninterruptible power supply. In the movie, BMW E39 model Go to class with Hello! go