WoW PTR 7.3.2 Frost DK Tor/Kolt 4t21 - FD Buff! 260

Frost DK PTR 7.3.2 The build is 3/2/1/0/0/3/1 using Toravon's (wrist) and Koltira's (waist). ilvl 940 using 4t21 Chest and pants are ilvl 950 and 955 respectively. Buffed (no rune).Frozen Death (FD) appears to now proc between 3 and 4 times per minute (up from about 2). It now does, on average, about 5% of our overall dps. I have seen this go as high as 6.7% and as low as 3.5%. Much better! As far as I can tell, this change has not been announced yet.The dps for this build hovers around 1.5 million avg. But, again, note the ilvl 950 chest and 955 pants which replace 2t20. 2t20 (see other video) is performing very close behind. It would take very few ilvls to push 2t20 over this build.Compared to Tor/Kolt with 2t20 & 4t21: Compare to CH/Tor with 4t21: more questions and whatnot, join DK Frost Discord ( and @ me or comment below.Music:Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God 1) Live for the Kill 2) Embrace of the Endless Ocean