The New Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, Graham changes his mind! 67,006

From the reviews I have read online there was nothing significant in the stills mode which lead me to believe I would benefit from this camera although the ability to shoot at 4K video and pull a 8M still from the video file was interesting for anyone shooting sports or wildlife. When I popped into Jessops today at their Manchester showroom they were having a Panasonic day. 3 Reps from Panasonic were on hand to demonstrate the GH4 and the FZ1000 and I discovered quite a few features which had not been covered in the online reviews which might make this a very capable stills camera. I will be testing this over the next couple of days and hope to bring you an in-depth user report on my return from 2 days in the Kielder forest national park in Northumberland