Flash BIOS with Gigabyte Q-Flash 541,085

This is me flashing my BIOS with a Gigabyte P55-UD4P motherboard using the Q-flash utility which comes on Gigabyte motherboards. I looked for a video on Q-flash I could use for a reference and could not find one so, I made one. I am not an expert. Use this information at your own risk. Do not flash your BIOS for no reason, it can ruin your board if you don't do it correctly. I don't claim this information is all correct. This method worked for me. I made this to help people and so I could look at it in the future. Please do not contact me about this information. I will not give any advice about flashing your machine so please don't ask. However let me know if you were looking for this information as I was. If your board has Q-flash, update the BIOS with it.