Tess Mercer | Titanium 6,360

ARGGGGHHH I hate you sony vegas!!! I'm sorry I know there are two glitches and I hate uploading it anyway and I will probably regret it tomorrow but I need to upload it tonight or I will go crazy!! I know I'll re-render it tomorrow and keep the non glitchy version for myself anyway lmao yes I'm sick I do that! ...all the time lmaoANYWAY....Look at the pretty Tess!! So like last week I posted on tumblr that I wanted to make a video for all my...I'm gonna call you girls/guys Tumblr Tess' hehehe and then since a few days ago was the awesome Tess/tollie loving queen Julie's birthday I was like hmmmm *evil plots* it would have been done on saturday but I've been looking for a song literally all week. And then today I stumbled upon this gorgeous song and was like AHHHHHHHH yes! lolSo first HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!!! I hope your birthday was awesome and you can enjoy some nice beautiful Tess sorry about the glitches :( I hope you like it!! You're so awesome and you make amazing Tess/Tollie videos you will always be the Tollie queen hehe!And my tumblr Tess' I will see you on tumblr duhhhh :P------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------::Links::Backup Account http://www.youtube.com/xhavealittlefaithTwitter http://twitter.com/_EmeraldarcherTumblr http://cordysangel.tumblr.com